Tibetan Headlines

  • Feb 25: Deported and Jailed

    Yangdon Chorasherpa, 27, a Tibetan woman living in Switzerland, has been deported to Nepal where she has been detained in prison and is reported to be critically sick. She had been trying to seek asylum in Switzerland, using the Nepali name Chorasherpa, Nepali documentation and claiming to be Nepali. A Swiss Refugee Relief spokesperson said “It is almost impossible for Tibetans to come to Europe with real papers”. read more →
  • Feb 24: Compassionate Leaders

    The Women’s Empowerment Conference in Dharamshala drew to a close with an audience for participants with HH the Dalai Lama who said that women make more compassionate leaders. “Time has come”, said His Holiness, “for Tibetan Women who have both the potential and the opportunity to express their leadership prowess to contribute to global peace and harmony”. read more →
  • Feb 23: Dorzong Rinpoche

    Kyabje Drubwang Dorzong Rinpoche, 74, one of the most prominent masters of Drukpa Kagyu lineage of Buddhist tradition, passed away on February 16 while undergoing medical treatment in hospital in Taiwan. Dorzong Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche was born in 1943 in Nyeyul, eastern Tibet. In 1958, at the age of 15, Rinpoche left Tibet and came to India. read more →
  • Feb 22: Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

    The New York Daily News has featured Nyima Lhamo, the activist and niece of the revered lama Tenzin Delek Rinpoche who died in custody 18 months ago, who was one of the speakers at the HR Council Summit in Geneva on February 21. Lhamo said she would “be there to provide a dissenting voice: a rare moment of truth about the tribulations of the people of Tibet”. read more →
  • Feb 20: Prisoner Freed

    Sherphel, a Tibetan man from Serthar county has been released after more than four years in prison in Sichuan. He was charged with alleged links to self-immolation protests on a day when a peaceful protest took place in his town, and served his full prison term. He was released several months ago but the news has only now come through because of the communications clampdown in his area. read more →
  • Feb 18: Singer Banned

    Amchok Phuljung, the popular Tibetan singer who was released from jail earlier this month has been told by the Chinese authorities that he is barred from leaving his home and from singing in public or releasing recordings of his music for one year. He has a lifetime ban on singing illegal or politically sensitive songs. read more →
  • Feb 17: Disappeared

    Sonam Tashi, 20, who staged a solo protest in Serthar county in the Sichuan province last month and was seized by police is still missing after more than 40 days in custody. The Chinese authorities have refused to give Tashi’s family any information about his present condition and whereabouts. News of his arrest did not get out of Tibet immediately due to a communications clampdown in the area. read more →
  • Feb 16: Kun-ngo Narkyi

    Narkyi Ngawang Dhondup, 86, the Tibetan language and literature expert and the person who founded the modern Tibetan language typewriter has died at his home in Delhi. Narkyi wrote the Narkyi Tibetan dictionary and the Charter of Tibetans in exile as well as biographies of the previous Dalai Lamas. He.was a former Secretary of the Department of Information and International Relations in the exile Tibetan government. read more →
  • Feb 15: Festival Security

    An overt police presence has been intimidating pilgrims during the Chotrul Monlam, a major religious festival at Kumbum Monastery in the Qinghai province in Tibet. Similar tactics were deployed at the same festival last year. Radio Free Asia reports that Chinese visitors are being allowed in to see the displays of butter sculptures without waiting, “while Tibetan pilgrims…have to wait in long lines”. read more →
  • Feb 14: Independence Day

    The anniversary of the 1913 Tibetan Declaration of Independence was celebrated yesterday in Dharamshala; Students for a Free Tibet held an event in celebration of the Potala Palace as a monument to the achievements of Tibetans in the days before Chinese occupation, and SFT groups around the world held local events. read more →

International Headlines

  • Feb 25: Standing Room Only

    A Pakistan International Airlines flight carried seven extra passengers standing in the aisles on a flight to Saudi Arabia last month. Dawn newspaper has investigated and exposed the incident. The Boeing 777 has a total seating capacity of 409, including staff seats, but carried 416 passengers. It is the first time that the airline is known to have boarded excess passengers on a flight. read more →
  • Feb 24: Castaways Rescued

    Two separate boats spotted by chance by a helicopter in the north Pacific sparked a rescue of three fishermen and a 14-year old boy. The fishermen had been adrift for nearly a month, the boy for 11 days. The boats were 600 km (370 miles) from the remote island of Kiribati and had drifted to within 8 km of each other. A fishing vessel rescued them. read more →
  • Feb 23: Famine in Sudan

    The first famine for six years has been delcared in South Sudan by the United Nations. The civil war there, which started in 2013, has resulted in a severe food shortage. More than 100,000 people in Unity state are affected amid fears it will spread to the additional one million South Sudanese people already on the brink of starvation. read more →
  • Feb 20: Strike on IS

    Iraq has reported the overthrow of Islamic State (IS) in several villages in the last area held by IS south of Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq. The attack was carried out by hundreds of military vehicles backed by air power and takes them within striking distance of Mosul airport. However, there are concerns about the safety of many thousands of trapped civilians. read more →
  • Feb 18: Dolls Spyware

    In Germany, parents are being told to destroy a talking doll, Cayla, because of the risk of hackers communicating with children playing with the doll. The doll has a Bluetooth device enabling it to “talk” and respond verbally and to access the internet to research information in order to answer the children’s questions. read more →
  • Feb 17: HR Deterioration

    The Network of Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) hs published its annual report which reports on a deterioration of human rights in China under president Xi Jinping. CHRD is a coalition of Chinese and international rights groups; they say that China has moved further away from political openness and rule of law reform, with new laws specifically formulated to target human rights defenders. read more →
  • Feb 16: Eurovision Upheaval

    The team of people organising this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Ukraine have quit en masse. 21 top team members, including two executive producers, have resigned saying their new boss "completely blocked" from making decisions about the show. The European Broadcasting Union, which founded Eurovision, says the event will go ahead as planned in Kiev this May. read more →
  • Feb 15: Erratic Drivers

    In Iceland, police are stopping suspected drunk drivers only to find they are perfectly sober, but distracted by the spectacle of the northern lights. A police statement said "The driver told the police he saw the Northern Lights and couldn't bring himself to stop looking at them". Police are warning tourists not to look at the northern lights while driving. read more →
  • Feb 14: Wearing Headscarves

    A row has broken out over the Swedish government’s decision that its female officials should wear headscarves during their trip to Iran last week to discuss trade. Not wearing a headscarf is to break the law in Iran. Sweden says its only other option would have been to send a male only team. Sweden says it has the world's first "feminist government". read more →
  • Feb 13: Missile Tests

    South Korea, the European Union, NATO, the United States and Japan have all condemned ballistic missile tests carried out by North Korea, who is banned by the United Nations from carrying out missile tests. The missile was launched on Saturday night and flew east towards the Sea of Japan for about 500km (300 miles). South Korea said it was an armed provocation to test the response of US President Donald Trump. read more →

Dharamshala Voice

Finding Contentment

Students are flocking to Lha’s English classes as word gets around of the excellent teacher there. Dadon is teaching while taking a break from her medical career and we asked her to share her story with us. I was born and raised in a very loving environment. A caring mother, read more →

A Wise Woman

Dolma Yangchen is an inspiration to Tibetan women everywhere. A campaigner and an activist, she has proved herself fearless in a man’s world, undaunted by bureaucracy and irrepressible in the face of reluctance. She is proud to have served her fellow Tibetans for 35 years. What has driven her to read more →

Volunteer Story of the Month: Volunteering With Young Children

Volunteer Job at Lha : Contact writer and helped with transcription for the website The children still talk about the Chinese government. At first, they asked why the Chinese government was so mean to the Tibetans, why didn’t they like Tibetans. As their understanding grew, they incorporated the story into read more →

Tibetan News

104th Anniversary of the Tibetan Proclamation of Independence

Tibetans and supporters around the world joined Dharamshala for celebrations to mark the 104th anniversary of the Tibetan Proclamation of Independence in 1913 by His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama. Student’s for a Free Tibet (SFT) organised two events, a panel discussion in Dharamshala on the Potala Palace in Lhasa, read more →

China’s Concerns Over the Growth and Influence of Buddhism

The Chinese government is increasingly concerned over the rapid growth of Buddhism in the country according to a recent report by Jayadeva Ranade, president of India’s Centre for China Analysis and Strategy writing for Sunday Guardian Live. The ruling Communist Party fears any organisation large enough to challenge its authority, read more →

His Holiness the Dalai Lama: “Our Target is Humanity”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a series of teachings and public talks to Indian audiences in New Delhi, India from February 3 – 6, organised by Vidyaloke – an Indian Wisdom initiative focusing on reviving ancient Indian tradition. On the first day, His Holiness was requested to give an read more →

Trump Administration to Support Tibet

Newly confirmed Secretary of State for the United States of America Rex Tillerson confirmed his commitment to continued support for Tibet during his confirmation hearing. In response to written questions on Tibet from members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Mr Tillerson confirmed his commitment to promoting human rights issues read more →

Tibet at the United Nations

The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) – the Tibetan Government-in-Exile – is instigating a programme to strengthen human rights advocacy for Tibet in preparation for next month’s Human Rights Council at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva¬. The Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) – the CTA wing that handles read more →

Women’s Empowerment: Revised CTA Policy

Tibetan Prime Minister (Sikyong) Dr Lobsang Sangay, the head of Tibetan Government-in-exile, announced revisions to the Women’s Empowerment Policy on February 2. The revisions have been made by his office, the 15th Kashag, or Cabinet, of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile. Dr Sangay acknowledged the previous Kashag’s policy on women’s empowerment as read more →

Human Rights Groups Demand the Release of Tashi Wangchuk

Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) held a worldwide awareness day for imprisoned Tibetan-language activist Tashi Wangchuk on January 27, the anniversary of his arrest. Wangchuk was detained in January 2016 for allegedly “inciting separatism” following his appearance in a New York Times documentary, A Tibetan’s Journey for Justice, which read more →

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