Tibetan Headlines

  • Sep 25: Travel Banned

    Travel into the Tibet Autonomous REgion is being banned from October 18 - 28, while top level government meetings take place in Beijing and Lhasa. As well as foreigners, Tibetans living in Amdo will not be allowed to enter the TAR. This ban will be a blow to the local tourist industry as October is a popular month for tourists. read more →
  • Sep 24: More Threats

    Tibetans living around the Guchu River in Rebkong in Tibet have received a letter notifying them they must handover their homes and land. The Rebkong County Government says the land is needed to modify, urbanise and beautify the area but locals are sceptical, based on experience of similar land grabs in the past. “Tibet is being turned into China”, lamented one local Tibetan. read more →
  • Sep 23: Support from Germany

    The major German political parties have expressed their concern over the worsening situation in Tibet, support for HH the Dalai Lama and for pushing China to restart a dialogue with His Holiness’s representatives, and concern about environmental issues including mega dams being built in Tibet. The support was reaffirmed in response to questions presented to them by the German chapter of the International Campaign for Tibet. read more →
  • Sep 22: Quiet Parliament

    More than two thirds of the Members of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile walked out of Parliament in protest against a remark made by a legislator: a Member complained about another who has been given the Songtsen award despite being accused of corruption. The row abated when it was made clear that the award was unrelated to the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. read more →
  • Sep 21: New Regulations

    The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), the advocacy group based in the United States, has said the Chinese government’s revised regulations on religion enhances the power the communist party and threatens the survival of Tibetan Buddhism, saying they provide a “legalistic framework” of “compliance and punishment” with regards to religious faith . China says the new regulations “protect citizens’ freedom of religious belief and maintain religious and social harmony”. read more →
  • Sep 21: No Funding

    China says it will not fund students attending the University of California in San Diego, America because it invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama to speak at the graduation ceremony a few months ago. The China Scholarship Council, a branch of China’s Ministry of Education, has withdrawn state funding and will no longer process applications to study there. read more →
  • Sep 20: Fourth Parliament Session

    The 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-exile based in Dharamshala has begun its 4th session. The session will see the presentation and discussion of the annual work reports of the seven departments of the Central Tibetan Administration and discussion over the pressing issues prevailing inside Tibet and exile Tibetan community. Independent petitioners filed their pleas to the parliament on the first day. The session will conclude on September 29. read more →
  • Sep 20: Passports Held

    Many Tibetans whose passports were seized earlier this year have not had their documents returned, reports Radio Free Asia. The passports were seized as part of China’s measures to prevent pilgrims from travelling to India to attend the Kalachakra in January, the authorities promised to return them by March. Additionally, no new passports are being issued. read more →
  • Sep 19: No Pensions

    Tibetan veterans of the Special Frontier Force – an elite paramilitary force of Tibetan refugees recruited by India in 1962 and who saw years of active service – are not getting the pensions they are due despite a long campaign which, despite assurances that the pensions will materialise, is bogged down in official red tape. read more →
  • Sep 18: Canadian Candidate

    Bhutila Karpoche, a Canadian Tibetan woman, has been nominated as the candidate for the New Democratic Party of Canada Member for the Provincial Parliament in Ontario elections next year. She is a mother of one, living in Toronto and has been actively involved in the Tibetan movement for over ten years. Karpoche wrote on her Facebook page, “Let's build a fairer Ontario”. read more →

International Headlines

  • Sep 23: Malaria Crisis

    Scientists are saying that a "super malaria" in South East Asia constitutes an alarming global threat. The parasite, which is resistant to the usual anti-malaria drugs, emerged in Cambodia and has spread to southern Vietnam. Around 212 million people are infected with malaria each year, 92% of cases occur in Africa. Currently about 700,000 people a year die from drug-resistant infections, including malaria. read more →
  • Sep 21: Schoolchildren Lost

    A primary school which collapsed during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City earlier this week has reported at least 21 children and five adults have died. At least 225 people were killed in the quake which caused major damage across the centre of Mexico and the search for survivors continues. read more →
  • Sep 20: U-Boat Wreck Found

    The wreck of a German submarine, in good condition, has been found in the North Sea off the Belgian coast where it has been since it sunk during World War One. It is believed there may be 23 bodies inside. It is lying at a depth of 30m (100ft) and is thought to have been sunk by a mine. read more →
  • Sep 19: Record Breaker!

    Scottish cyclist Mark Beaumont has broken the world record for cycling around the world, completing his trip in Paris after cycling 18,000 miles in 79 days – 44 days quicker than the previous world record. He also gained the Guinness World Records title for the most miles cycled in a month – 7,031 miles (11,315km). This is his second world record – in 2008 he did it in 194 days. read more →
  • Sep 18: Gay Pride

    Ana Brnabic, the prime minister of Serbia, has become the first Balkan head of government to take part in a gay pride march. She is the first gay person, as well as the first woman, to lead Serbia. Gay pride parades in Serbia have a troubled history: they have attracted anti-gay protestors; have been condemned by the influential Orthodox Church and the event has not always gone ahead. read more →
  • Sep 16: Iceland in Trouble

    Iceland’s ruling coalition government has collapsed over a furore over a paedophile's links to Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson. Hjalti Sigurjón Hauksson was jailed for raping his stepdaughter but Icelandic law will restore civil rights to convicts on provision of three letters of recommendation from “persons of good character” – the Prime Minister’s father provided such a letter – with the PM’s knowledge. Steps are being taken to change this law. read more →
  • Sep 15: Sanctuary for Rohingyas

    Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has visited refugee camps for displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar, saying “If we can feed 160 million [Bangladeshis], we can also feed 700,000 Rohingya refugees” but she also asked, “Does the Myanmar government not have a conscience? How can they displace hundreds or thousands of people because of a few?” She has directed her local government to take care of sick and wounded Rohingya. read more →
  • Sep 14: Not a Spy?

    Chinese-born Jian Yang, 55, a New Zealand MP, has been investigated by New Zealand's intelligence services. Mr Yang, an MP for the country's ruling centre-right National party, denies that he is a Chinese spy. Prime Minister Bill English says he was aware of Jian Yang's background – Mr Yang spent ten years in China at “spy schools” where he received military and intelligence training. read more →
  • Sep 13: No Cricket

    Cricket has been banned in the parks of Bolzano in northern Italy after a two year old boy was struck on the head by a ball. He was concussed but has since recovered. Cricket is mainly played by Italy's small Afghan and Pakistani migrant communities and the Mayor is talking to their representatives. Cricket was banned in public spaces in Bolzano, a northern Italian city, in 2009. read more →
  • Sep 12: Eating More Meat

    Australians are being advised to eat more kangaroo meat in a bid to reduce the levels of wild kangaroos which have become unsustainable. There were almost 45 million kangaroos in 2016 – nearly double Australia’s human population. Rainy conditions producing more food is seen as the cause for the rise in the kangaroo population, and there is concern that millions could starve if a dry summer produces a drought. read more →

Dharamshala Voice

Compassion, Love and Contentment

Lhakpa Tsering stands outside his antiques stall on Temple Road, a wide smile on his face for everyone who comes past. He is a devoted Buddhist, but this has not always been the case. He has come through many trials to reach this point in his life. He was born read more →

“Empower Us” : Towards an Inclusive Society

Blind People live in the world of ………………………… The first word that must have come immediately to the majority of people’s minds would be ‘Darkness’. I ask why not? Blind people live in a world of ‘sound’, or ‘touch’, or ‘creativity’, or ‘care’, or, most importantly,‘trust’. Clearly when our thinking read more →

Volunteer story of the month: Unlearning in Dhasa, learning with Lha

Volunteer job at Lha: Contact news writer  Hi all. My name is Jigme Wangchuk and I have volunteered to write news for Contact Magazine. I recently left my job because I wanted to pursue things beyond my ken. Wanting to learn a little Francais, I signed up for lessons at read more →

Tibetan News

Tibetan athletes shine at the Chinese National Games

Three Tibetan athletes have out shone the opposition in the 13th National Games of China held in Tianjin, a port city in North-eastern China, from August 28 – September 9. Topgyal won a gold medal in the 10 km men’s run and Mingyur Nima won a bronze medal in the read more →

The Gift of Democracy

The 57th Tibetan Democracy Day was celebrated by Tibetans in exile all over the world and by those here in Dharamshala, on September 2. Democracy Day marks the anniversary of the day the first elected representatives took oath in 1960 to set up the democratic system of government for the read more →

Indian Citizenship for Tibetans

Since 1959, when the Dalai Lama was forced to flee Tibet after a failed uprising against Chinese occupation, he sought asylum in India, and was accepted with open arms. The world figure and Tibetan spiritual leader has since had his residence in Dharamshala, which has also become a base for read more →

Tibetan Representatives at the Sharing Civic Experience Workshop in Taiwan

Two members of staff from the Tibetan social work non-government organisation (NGO) Lha Charitable Trust, general secretary Dorji Kyi and Contact magazine editor Tenzin Samten, participated in a workshop entitled Sharing Civic Experience: NGO and Global Citizenship Education. The workshop was organised by the Global Education Centre at the National read more →

His Holiness’s Engagements in August

With the Doklam standoff on-going between India and China, His Holiness the Dalai Lama engaged in both political and spiritual discourse this month. The Tibetan leader said that India and China must resolve their differences through dialogue instead of violence. His engagement in the dialogue between Russian and Buddhist scholars read more →

Demolition of Second Buddhist Academy Begins in Tibet

The expulsion of 2,000 Tibetan monks and nuns living and studying at the Yarchen Gar Buddhist Centre in Tibethas started, along with the demolition of their residences, as directed by the Chinese authorities. Yarchen Gar is recognised as the second largest monastic institution in Tibet. Situated in a remote valley read more →

Taiwan Plans Closure of Mongolia and Tibet Affairs Commission

Taiwan’s Mongolia and Tibet Affairs Commission (MTAC) is to be shut down as part of a government restructure, Taiwanese officials have confirmed. The office, responsible for the promotion of Mongolian and Tibetan culture and cultural exchange in the region, is set to be closed by submission of a Cabinet phase-out read more →

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