Tibetan Headlines

  • Sep 29: 25th Anniversary

    The former political prisoners group Gu-Chu-Sum is celebrating its 25th Anniversary while holding their three-day 7th General Body meeting. President Lukar Jam Atsok opened the meeting, saying the biggest weapon Tibetans hold against the Chinese Communist government is the unfathomable spirit of the Tibetan self-immolators and the political prisoners. Gu-Chu-Sum provides support to ex-political prisoners and works to secure the release of political prisoners in Tibet. read more →
  • Sep 28: Another Detention

    Dowa Samdrub, a friend of popular Tibetan writer Gangkye Drubpa Kyab who was rearrested last week, has been detained by police in southwestern China’s Sichuan province. Samdrub took part in a reception ceremony and was photographed with a picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and also greeted Kyab on his brief release from prison. Samdrub is only recently released from prison himself. read more →
  • Sep 28: Papers for Refugees

    The Nepal government has issued a notice to INHURED, a human rights organisation in Nepal, stating that Tibetan refugees in Nepal will be issued Registration Certificates. This follows INHURED’s submission to the National Human Rights Commission about the difficulties facing the 20,000 Tibetan refugees in Nepal who are without any identity papers. read more →
  • Sep 27: New Justice Commissioner

    Dr Ngawang Rabgyal has been voted in as the new Justice Commissioner of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission. He replaces one of the two Justice Commissioners, Mr Tsering Dhondup Namey Lhakang, who has retired from service. Dr Rabgyal is currently Secretary of the Department of Education, he has been serving the Central Tibetan Administration in various posts around the world since 1980. read more →
  • Sep 26: Four More Arrests

    Four more Tibetans were arrested with Tibetan writer Gangkye Dubpa Kyab for allegedly forming a group called the Anti-Communist Party Association and were given varying prison terms. Samdrup, 32, was sentenced to six years, he was briefly released in August but was rearrested on September 18. Three other Tibetans, Yudrang, Dransal and Shelgyal were sentenced to two, three and two years respectively, reports the Tibet Post International. read more →
  • Sep 26: Voted Out

    Dhardon Sharling has been voted out as Kalon for the Department of Information and International Relations in the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile. She had been nominated by Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay. Sharling said that the proceedings were a result of a democratic process which is a matter of pride for the exile administration. She secured the highest number of votes in the Chithue (Member of Parliament) polls earlier this year. read more →
  • Sep 24: Writer Re-arrested

    Gangkye Drubpa Kyab, 36, the popular Tibetan writer who was released from prison earlier this month, was taken into custody again after attending a reception in his honour. Local police told him he would be held for at least 15 days and said he should “change his thoughts and embrace the official political line” or risk being thrown back into jail, a local source has told Radio Free Asia. read more →
  • Sep 24: Passports for Tibetans

    The Delhi High Court has ordered the Home and External Affairs ministries to issue passports to Tibetans born between 1950 to 1987 saying they meet the criteria of being Indian citizens by birth under the Citizenship Act. The historic judgment was delivered after hearing a petition filed by three Tibetans who had been refused a passport as they had no citizenship certificate, despite being proven Indian citizens. read more →
  • Sep 23: Students Protest

    Tibetan students from the Northwest University of Nationalities in the provincial capital Lanzhou in northwestern China’s Gansu province are voicing concerns about a large hike in school fees which have doubled to 8,220 yuan (US$1,200, £920). They have also been forced to move to a remote campus without residence halls or a library, and they are warning they will protest if their concerns are not addressed. read more →
  • Sep 23: Festival in Japan

    Hundreds of people gathered for the Kiki Soso Tibet Festival which celebrates Tibetan culture and history near the city of Matsumoto in northern Japan. The festival has the goal of strengthening exchange between Japanese and Tibetans. The festival started with a traditional Sangsol smoke offering ceremony, followed by opera and Tibetan circle dance as well as music and workshops. read more →

International Headlines

  • Sep 29: Shimon Peres RIP

    Former Israeli prime minister and president Shimon Peres has died aged 93. He was the last of a generation of Israeli politicians who were present at the nation's birth in 1948. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for his role negotiating the Oslo peace accords with the Palestinians, sharing the prize with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. read more →
  • Sep 28: 3-Person DNA Baby

    A five-month old baby has been revealed as the world's first baby to be born using a new "three person" fertility technique. The baby boy has the usual DNA from his mother and father, plus a tiny bit of genetic code from a donor to ensure he would be free of a genetic condition that his mother carries in her genes. The technology is called mitochondrial donation. read more →
  • Sep 27: Womens’ Rights

    Women in Saudi Arabia are calling for an end to the country's male guardianship system. A petition signed by more than 14,000 Saudi women has been handed to the government. Currently women need the consent of a male guardian to travel abroad and often need permission to work or study. In addition permission is often required to rent property, undergo hospital treatment or file a legal claim. read more →
  • Sep 26: More Surveillance

    In Switzerland, voters have approved a law giving new surveillance powers to their intelligence agencies who will now be able to tap phones, snoop on email and deploy hidden cameras and bugs. Authorisation from court, the defence ministry and the cabinet will be needed for the Federal Intelligence Service and other agencies to put suspects under electronic surveillance. 65.5% of voters agreed to accept the proposal. read more →
  • Sep 24: Women Get to Vote

    Women in a town in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca have voted for the first time in local elections. Their vote follows a three-year battle. Women in Mexico have voted in presidential, general and regional elections since 1953, but local polls in many Oaxaca towns are men-only. About 500 women voted in the town of 5,000 people, and three women stood for a council seat. read more →
  • Sep 23: Remove Statue?

    A statue of Mahatma Gandhi which was a gift to the Ghanaian government from the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has caused controversy as 1,000 people sign a petition calling for the statue’s removal. University of Ghana professors are saying that Gandhi was a racist, quoting his writings which talk about "savages or the Natives of Africa" and "kaffirs" (an insulting racial slur for a black African). read more →
  • Sep 22: Jobs for Migrants

    100,000 jobs are to be created in Ethiopia in response to the migrant crisis. Ethiopia proposed the plan to build two industrial parks costing $500m (£385m) and will grant employment rights to 30,000 refugees; Ethiopia currently hosts more than 700,000 asylum seekers. The deal will be funded by loans from the European Investment Bank and grants from the UK and the World Bank. read more →
  • Sep 21: Help for Refugees

    50 nations have pledged to take in 360,000 refugees from war-torn countries this year. Germany and Canada have vowed to double the number they took in last year and the United States one third more. US President Barak Obama made the announcement to the United Nations General Assembly. The UN says that around 21 million refugees have been forced to flee their countries due to conflict or persecution. read more →
  • Sep 20: Fire in Camp

    The Moria camp for migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos is on fire. 3,000 - 4,000 people have been evacuated as the fire destroys their tents and prefabricated homes. Police are investigating whether the fire was started deliberately. There are reports of a brawl in the camp yesterday following a rumour that the refugees would all be deported to Turkey. read more →
  • Sep 19: Uri Terror Attack

    The Indian army based in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir state was attacked and at least 17 Indian soldiers killed. All four of the attackers were killed. Reacting to the incident, the Indian Home Minister called Pakistan a “terrorist state”. Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Nafees Zakaria told the BBC "This is an old tactic of India. They immediately put the blame on Pakistan without investigation". read more →

Dharamshala Voice

Journey Towards Freedom


Apo Thuka and Apo Serka guided us to India when my cousin and I escaped from Tibet in 1995 when we were eight and ten years old. As we grew up in India, I got to know Apo Thuka and he told me his story. I came to know that read more →

Inspired to Lead


It’s Friday morning and I’m in the office of Tenzin Tselha, the National Director of Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) India. It’s a position she’s held for almost a year now and her enthusiasm shows no sign of waning. Born in Ladakh, her childhood was, by her own admission, read more →

THIS MONTH’S VOLUNTEER STORY – Many Thanks From a Half-Tongued Language Teacher


In summer 2015 I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Well it is a misfortune one would say, but not so rare nowadays with millions of people diagnosed with various cancers every year. My major issue and concern, however, was the fact that my tongue is my working tool – as read more →

Tibetan News

TWA Celebrates the Past by Looking to the Future

The TWA meeting
Photo: The Tibet Post

Commencing with a moment of silence for martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Tibet’s struggle for independence, the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) anniversary celebration went on to directly confront abuses and repressive activity affecting Tibet today. TWA implored the International community to leverage diplomatic pressure and encourage China to re-enter read more →

China’s Attempt to Dictate to Taiwan


China has warned Taiwan not to allow His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit the country. This warning follows a recent invitation extended to His Holiness by Freddy Lim, Taiwan’s legislator and a famous heavy metal singer, during his recent visit to Dharamshala in Northern India with the Human Rights read more →

New Chief of Tibet Prompts More Crackdowns

File Photo

Wu Yingjie’s appointment as the new Communist Party chief of Tibet and been followed with calls by the Chinese government for stronger military crackdowns in Tibet – specifically for harsher denunciations of the Dalai Lama and continued pressure on Buddhist monks and nuns to conform to the Communist Party. Wu read more →

Live From Tibet


Simon Denyer, China Bureau Chief of the Washington Post, made history this month when he broadcast live on Facebook from Tibet on September 11. He stood in front of the Potala Palace to report on his trip to Tibet and answer questions posted by viewers online. “I’m here on a read more →

The TYC Votes Against Changes to its Policies


The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) held its 16th annual General Body Meeting, which took place in Dharamsala from September 3. During the meeting executive elections took place, as well as voting on proposed changes to its core rules. The meeting was attended by 140 delegates, representing 40 chapters around the read more →

Tibet-Taiwan Collaboration

The members of HRNTT at the press conference on September 5,2016 
Photo: Contact

Members of the newly founded Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan (HRNTT) visited the Tibetan Government-in-exile based in Dharamshala and have formally announced their collaboration. “The members of the Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan are pleased to announce its collaboration with the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile through the institution read more →

Tibet’s New Chief

Wu Yingjie, the newly appointed Party 
Chief of TAR

The Communist Party of China (CPC) appointed Wu Yingjie as the new Chief of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) on August 28 at the annual Beidaihe meeting or Chinese “summer summit”. Wu Yingjie, 59, is the longest serving Chinese officer in Tibet, having spent almost his entire career there spanning read more →

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