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LOCATION: Mcleod Ganj Clinic, 1st Floor, TIPA Road
PHONE: 9882860505
EMAIL : [email protected]

Angel Massage Center
LOCATION: Ping House, below
Yongling School, Jogiwara Rd
PHONE: 973-608-3627, 973-608-3554
EMAIL: [email protected]

Lha Healing Oil Massage Courses & Treatment
LOCATION: Lha Office, Temple Rd
PHONE: 01892-20992
HOURS: Registration, 9:00am-11:00am

Kailash Tribal School
Taught byYogi Sivadas
WEB: www.yogatribe.org
LOCATION: Bhagsu Rd, near the Green Shop – Map #6
HOURS: Daily, 1:00-2:00pm; Closed Tues
PHONE: 981-615-0326
EMAIL: [email protected]

Nature Cure Health Club
LOCATION: Near Tibetan Ashoka,Jogiwara Rd
PHONE: 941-813-0119
EMAIL: [email protected]

Shiatsu & Swedish Massage
LOCATION: Lha Office, Temple Rd
PHONE: 01892-20992

Synergy Ayuredic Massage Center
LOCATION: Near Tibetan Ashoka,
Jogiwara Rd
PHONE: 941 80 8488
EMAIL: [email protected]

Traditional Thai Massage
LOCATION: Opposite the Govt. Tourist Information Centre, Hotel Surya Rd
PHONE: 981-633-9199
EMAIL: [email protected]

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