New things… situations

By Lodoe Gyatso  /  November 16, 2017;

Tenzin Zeydhan is every inch the picture of poise and assurance as we sit down. Younten, her husband, takes Tenzin Kyipa, their little 10 month-old daughter, to one side and happily takes care of her.

“I have never been interviewed like this before,” Tenzin Zeydhan says with a hint of trepidation but with an even firmer tone of determination. I smile, and she relaxes a bit.

She was born in India in a little town near Dehradun. She attended a Central School for Tibetan (CST) school there until the tenth grade. Two years of Commerce at the CST in Mussoorie followed. At school she was a good student. She claims that she had “satisfactory” marks but one gets the feeling that they were far above average. She took part in cultural performances and loved to dance. Years later she even once performed in the presence of the Dalai Lama. Her leadership abilities were recognized at school when she was made a house prefect.

During her childhood her father gave her a living example to aspire to and backed it up with good advice. She describes him as a “noble good man.” “Be a good person,” “make sure that you give 100%,” “never give up,” and “be confident in yourself,” are some of his sayings that she has taken to heart.

Still she looks back. “I miss my school days,” she says. There are some things that she regrets not doing such as trekking, outdoor activities and reading more books.

After school she studied B.Com and M.Com and followed that with a B.Ed degree. “I know that I will be a very good teacher,” she says in a matter-of-fact tone.

Drawn to her own community, she applied for a job at the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and was allotted an accounting position. “I like figures,” she says. She gets great satisfaction in producing financial statements that reflects a year of hard work. She admits that clerical work can be boring, but recognizes that it is necessary to enable the more rewarding tasks. “Accountants are the busiest people at office. Everything has to come across accounts section” she says happily. When she works time passes very quickly. She consciously motivates herself by thinking positively.

She met her future husband in 2014 and they were married the next year. “I am happy,” she says. “There are ups and downs. You both have to work together. You have to face the situation and take charge.

She has her own philosophy. “I am learning as life is unfolding bringing new things and new situations. Sometimes life brings joy and sometimes challenges. But I try to make sure I live and be present in the present. In coping with all the responsibilities I try to have some me-time for doing things which I love to do like going for a morning walk or playing basketball. This refreshes and energizes me and helps me in getting back into my work.”

Tenzin Kyipa was born earlier this year. “It is a wonderful feeling to be a mother. I am proud of my body which has the power to bring a bundle of joy into this beautiful world,” the mother says.

Tenzin Zeydhan makes one thing very clear. “My baby is my first priority,” she asserts boldly. She is willing to make sacrifices for her child. Raising a human being is a big responsibility. “You have to be strong,” she says simply. “But being strong isn’t enough. You need external support.” And indeed, her support network is very strong. Her bosses fully stand by her even through her absences from the office to feed the baby. Her mother looks after the child while she is at work. And Younten is always there to help. “I am thankful that I have the support of my mother, my husband and my brother. They always keep me going and help me to become the mother I want to be,” she notes gratefully.

“I am happy,” Tenzin Zeydhan says plainly. “I don’t want to change anything. I have no regrets.”

What does the future hold? This is an area of uncertainty because she might be transferred elsewhere in India. Maybe she will study further once her daughter is a little older, perhaps International Relations, Business Studies or her Ph.D. But for now Tenzin Zeydhan is determined to be the very best mother that she can be. And that is exactly what she is doing with grace and self-assurance.

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