Seeking an Education

By Ngawang Choedon  /  March 11, 2016

My name is Ngawang Choedon. I am twenty-one. I wanted to come to India for three reasons: I want to study; I want to meet the Dalai Lama and I want peace. In Tibet under Chinese rule we do not have a peaceful life. I made the decision I want read more →

Living in Exile

By Metok Lhazey  /  January 8, 2016

I’m Metok Lhazey. I’m going to introduce myself. I came to India in 1999 for study and crossed the Himalaya Mountains by walking with a group. We spent almost 29 days and we got lots of problems on the way. Fortunately we arrived in India and I got a chance read more →

From Saudi Arabia to McLeod Ganj

By Syed Tarique Ahmed  /  September 11, 2015

Marhaba, friends. My name is Syed Tarique Ahmed, but many friends call me Sam. I was born on the first of August in 1995 in Medina, Saudi Arabia. I am the fourth child of a large family. I have two brothers and four sisters. When I was growing up, I read more →

Two Pieces by Tenzin Chodon, age 13 years

By Tenzin Chodon, Class VI  /  December 16, 2014

Festival A festival is like the weather. It comes and goes but all the people become happy to celebrate the festivals like New Year, Diwali, Holi, etc. People also wear new clothes and make delicious food and invite their friends and relatives. Some festivals are celebrated at night and some in read more →

Learning Self-Confidence

By Chuskit Angmo  /  November 26, 2014

Hello everyone. Myself, I am Chuskit Angmo. I am from Ladakh. I have been here since three months because my main purpose is to study English. So, I joined Lha Academy. Here, English classes and conversation classes are very good because of the experienced teachers. In the beginning some of read more →

Learning Computers as well as English

By Jigmat Rangdol  /  November 26, 2014

Hello everyone. My name is Jigmat Rangdol. I am from Ladakh. I am 23 years old. I have been here since three months ago. I am studying English here with the hope of getting a better education which I never had before. There are so many classes in McLeod Ganj read more →

Practising Buddhism

By Sonam Dolma  /  November 14, 2014

My name is Sonam Dolma. I was born in Tibet. Now I am 24 years old. In 2011 I came to India from Tibet. The reason why I came here was that I couldn’t practice Buddhism and couldn’t learn the Tibetan language in Tibet. Moreover, I couldn’t visit His Holiness read more →

A Lucky Girl

By Tenzin Yealh  /  November 14, 2014

Hi my friends, my name is Tenzin Yealh. I am a lucky girl in my family. I was born in Tibet, Khampa. I have five family members. My father does work in a business and my mother does house work. I am very happy to be born into a loving read more →

From Nomad to Monk to Translator….

By Thinley Woeser  /  November 14, 2014

My name is Thinley Woeser. I was born in a small nomadic family in Tibet. I didn’t get the opportunity to go to school when I was a child, but I was able to learn the Tibetan language from my father. I was not like I am today because I read more →

Improving Education

By Sonam Tenzin  /  November 11, 2014

Hi, I am Sonam Tenzin from Jammu and Kashmir. I was born in a small village at the northern part of India. That village is very poor in education because we don’t have a good facility in any field from the Government. Even, we don’t have a road to my read more →

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