Volunteer Story of the Month: A Come Back to Give Back

By Philomène Franssen  /  March 31, 2017

Volunteer Job at Lha: French teacher and Contact writer Googling “organisations for Tibetan refugees in India” is what I did, Lha is what I found. Earlier, India had been my adopted home for nine years and I was determined to return, but this time to put my teaching skills at read more →

Volunteering With Young Children

By Graham Henderson  /  February 23, 2017

Volunteer Job at Lha : Contact writer and helped with transcription for the website The children still talk about the Chinese government. At first, they asked why the Chinese government was so mean to the Tibetans, why didn’t they like Tibetans. As their understanding grew, they incorporated the story into read more →

A Surge of Wanderlust

By Dhriti Agarwal  /  December 7, 2016

Thanks to an existential crisis and a surge of wanderlust, the day after my half yearly exam found me squeezed in a train compartment heading towards the melting pot of several cultures- Mcleond Ganj. I was planning on practising the Buddhist principle of selflessness and hence volunteering at the Ropgpa read more →

Managing Perfectly Well

By Neil Roberts  /  November 1, 2016

When I made the decision earlier this year to see more of the world, I knew exactly where I wanted to go first.I contacted Lha, offering my services as a volunteer English teacher, and arrived in McLeod Ganj on August 20. McLeod Ganj is the strangest of places. A refugee read more →

Many Thanks From a Half-Tongued Language Teacher

By Ignaty Dyakov  /  September 1, 2016

In summer 2015 I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Well it is a misfortune one would say, but not so rare nowadays with millions of people diagnosed with various cancers every year. My major issue and concern, however, was the fact that my tongue is my working tool – as read more →

Chaotic, Colourful, Alive and Special

By Charlotte Wigram-Evans  /  August 1, 2016

Where to begin.If I had to describe India in three words it would be chaotic, colourful and alive. It is anywhere else x1000 –more stressful, but also far more special. My time at Lha made the experience unparalleled. I volunteered to write for Contact magazine, trying my hand at it read more →

Swapping Pigeons for Eagles

July 9, 2016

Since my childhood, my parents awakened in me an awareness for the Tibetan cause and its incredibly rich culture. I always knew I would end up one day in Dharamshala, I just didn’t expect it to come this early in my life. I arrived at the start of April when read more →

“This Will Not Be My Last Visit”

By Jin Hui Quek  /  June 2, 2016

Volunteer Job at Lha: Chinese Teacher I dropped in at Lha one cold winter morning in 2015 to enquire about volunteer opportunities. I’d come to the right place at the right time as a Chinese teacher from Taiwan was leaving the very next day. Although I could hardly be considered read more →

Thank you and see you soon

By By Monika Kalytyte  /  April 24, 2016

Volunteer job at Lha: Volunteer Co-ordinator and English Conversation Class I find myself remembering this beautiful writer from Lithuania, who first visited Tibet in the 90’s and then revisited whenever she could till the year she passed away. Her ideas, the books she wrote, drawings she made, Buddhist teachings she read more →

A Peaceful Place

By Natalia Luzuriaga  /  March 26, 2016

Volunteer job at Lha: English teacher Back home, in Ecuador, I got caught up in stress and the normal anxiety of a busy life. I felt I needed a break to get some perspective so I decided to leave it all, listen to my heart and pursue a crazy dream read more →

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