Dorjee Tsering

February 29, 2016;

2016 / Dorjee Tsering, a 15-year-old Tibetan boy living in Herbertpur town near Dehradun has self-immolated and is in hospital in Delhi suffering from 95% burns. Dorjee said, “The reason I resort to burning myself like a choemey (Butter lamp) is because Tibet was occupied by China since 1959 and I have always felt like I needed to do something for the Tibetan cause. Yesterday, I felt as if burning myself up was the only resort left for me.” The Tibet Times has reported that Dorjee’s mother put out the flames and that she said he had talked to her and to his father recently about self-immolating. Dorjee staged his protest outside an old people’s home where he had been visiting his grandfather with his family. He died on March 3.

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